Edge On The Clock: Couple Says House Is Haunted By Sexual Ghosts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Uber Eats now delivers marijuana. The service is rolling out in the Toronto area. The company has teamed up with online marijuana marketplace Leafly and will use three local cannabis retailers. You have to be 19 or older to order the weed. The marijuana will be delivered by workers who have been certified under CannSell, the province’s cannabis retail education program. Uber Eats says the new service will help cut down on impaired driving and combat the illegal cannabis market.

Plus, a doll designed to horrify has won the heart of a little girl. The girl named the doll Chloe. It was love at first sight for three-year-old Briar Beard, when she saw Chloe at a Halloween store. Her mother relented and bought her the demon doll with its cracked face, red light up eyes, and demonic laugh. She even nicknamed her “Creepy Chloe.”

And, a sexy, haunted house. A couple in Gainesville, Texas says they can’t keep a tenant in their rental house for more than six months, because it is haunted by sexual ghosts. The owners say several people have recorded the ghosts, saying phrases like, “Oh baby, yeah, I like it like that,” or “Lookin’ good” while people are showering. One room in the house is nicknamed ‘the murder room’ after psychics claimed to see a dead man laying on the floor. The owners have given up on finding tenants, and instead rent the house out to people who want to investigate the ghosts that supposedly live there.

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