Edge On The Clock: Netflix To Crackdown On Password Sharing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Time to boot your friends off your Netflix account. The streaming service is cracking down on password sharing. Netflix announced it will charge customers an added monthly fee to people who share their login credentials beginning in early 2023. Basically, every profile on the Who’s Watching? screen is going to cost you extra money if they don’t live with you. Netflix added more than 2.4 million new subscribers in its third quarter, with the help of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and season four of Stranger Things.

Plus, some people are willing to pay high dollar for nostalgia. McDonald’s adult Happy Meal toys are being re-sold online for thousands of dollars. On eBay, three of the collectible toys, unwrapped, are listed for $300,000. another seller is asking $25,000 for an unopened toy. McDonald’s adult Happy Meals sold out quickly after they became available. There’s a massive push on Twitter for them to be brought back.

And, Olivia Wilde is giving the people what they want. She posted an image of a page from Nora Ephron’s 1983 novel Heartburn on her Instagram story, which includes a salad dressing recipe. In the novel, the vinaigrette is a motif, representing the secrets that come between a husband and wife. Taken literally, the recipe calls for Grey Poupon mustard, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. A few days ago, Wilde’s former nanny claimed the infamous salad dressing was behind a huge fight between Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. The former couple has denied all of the nanny’s claims.

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