Edge On The Clock: Uber Announces Journey Ads Service

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Walmart is launching a new platform for influencers. The platform allows creators to earn commissions based on product recommendations to followers. Influencers can share product links on any social platform, and can use an analytics dashboard to track viewership, engagement, and commissions. The beta version is out now and Walmart plans to fully launch the new service in 2023.

Plus, be prepared: Uber is launching new targeted ads based on where riders go. The new ads are part of the ride-hailing giant’s new advertising unit. This week, Uber announced its new “Journey Ads” service. The service allows marketers reach a user at every part of their ride. Customers will see ads when they check to see how far away their driver is, or follow the route of their trip. Uber says riders can opt out of targeted ads on the app.

And, it looks like Barilla will not be able to get out of a lawsuit over its pasta’s origin. The issue is the brand’s slogan Italy’s number one brand of pasta.” The lawsuit claims the slogan can lead customers to believe it’s actually made in Italy. The two customers who filed the lawsuit said they bought Barilla Pasta thinking it was made in Italy, but the pasta is made in Iowa and New York. A federal judge ruled the pair suffered “economic injury” and presented enough evidence that they wouldn’t have bought Barilla if they knew the pasta wasn’t made in Italy.

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