Edge On The Clock: New Jersey Grandma Ranks Her Grandkids

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Taylor Swift’s latest record is setting records. Swift’s tenth studio album, Midnights, was released on Friday at midnight and quickly became the most-streamed album in a single day on Spotify. Swift also became the most-streamed artist in one day in the streaming platform’s history. Midnights also broke the record for the biggest pop album of all time on Apple Music by first-day streams. Critics, though, call the album “disappointing” and “boring.”

Plus, Beyonce’s 10-year-old daughter, bidding the big bucks! Blue Ivy bid over $80,000 for a pair of Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings worn by her mom and grandmother. It happened at the 2022 Wearable Art Gala, which was raising money for the Knowles family’s WACO Theater Center. She wasn’t the ultimate winner of the earrings; Monique Rodriguez shelled out $105,000 for the jewels. They were the highest-priced item of the night.

And, New Jersey grandmother Mary LaMorte is going viral for playing favorites. Comedian Dan LaMorte introduced his TikTok followers to Mary’s “ranking board.” She has her 10 grandchildren’s faces on magnets and she ranks them from one to 10. Dan was in 4th place, but Mary moved him to last after he got tattoos. According to Dan, his cousin Jacqueline is number one because she bought a house across the street from Mary and helps her out all the time.

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