Your Move, Adidas: Companies Break Ties With Kanye West

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – On Monday, talent agency CAA announced it has dropped Kanye West as a client. Balenciaga cut ties with him last week, after West opened their fashion show in Paris earlier this month. All eyes on Adidas now, as West continues to amplify anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The company has said so far their relationship is “under review.”

West’s comments have been embraced by anti-Semitic extremist groups. Demonstrators gathered in Los Angeles on Saturday supporting West’s anti-Semitic tweets.

One of West’s tweets from earlier this month read that he would go “death con three on Jewish people.” Twitter and Instagram have both locked West’s accounts.

Police in Los Angeles are blaming West and those extremist groups for a rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes in the area. West doubled down on his anti-Semitism last week during interview with Chris Cuomo on NewsNation, criticizing the so-called “Jewish underground media mafia.”

On Monday, Kim Kardashian posted a statement sharing her support for the Jewish community. She wrote, “Hate speech is never OK or excusable,” and called for an end to verbal attacks and violence against Jews. Her post came after singer Boy George publicly questioned Kardashian’s silence about her former husband’s behavior.

WCCB asked Justin Perry, a licensed clinical social worker in Charlotte, about the mental health aspect of all this. He says, “I do not work with Kanye professionally, so I won’t attempt to diagnose him. That said, in general, multiple things can be true. Persons can have mental illness that creates delusions, distorted thinking, and behavior that is far outside their baseline functioning and thinking.

That said, someone can simultaneously or independently have personality disorder traits that lead to grandiosity, behavior some of us may think of as manipulative or opportunistic, and/or lacking conventionally accepted ethics.

I’m not going to try to pin down where Kanye falls. What I’ll do instead is ask those of us who know we have our full faculties, where do we stand in the face of anti-Semitism, anti-Blackness, and misogyny? While Kanye gets the headlines, that’s the actual question of the day.”

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