Edge On The Clock: Don’t Look At Jason Momoa’s Buns

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A woman is going viral on TikTok for making recipes from gravestones. Rosie Grant says her TikTok account, Ghostly Archives, started as a class project while studying at the University of Maryland. She discovered Naomi Miller-Dawson’s Spritz cookie recipe on a grave in Brooklyn, New York and decided to try her hand at baking it. She soon found that recipes on graves is not an anomaly. She found a fudge recipe engraved on a tablet in Utah. And a nut roll recipe emblazoned on a tomb in Israel. She plans to make as many recipes as she can, while documenting the journey.

Plus, Jason Momoa is baring it all. The Aquaman star got cheeky while fishing with some friends on Sunday. In a series of post on Instagram, the actor is seen sporting a man bun, while wearing a beige malo, a traditional Hawaiian garment. Momoa identifies as both Hawaiian and Pawnee. Many people on social media losing it over the actor’s assets. However, some say it’s a bad idea to sexualize Momoa for wearing an ordinary piece of clothing that many indigenous Hawaiian men have worn while fishing for generations.

And, Swifties are convinced that Taylor Swift dropped the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ unborn child on her latest album Midnights. A track from the album, you’re on your own kid, quickly became a fan favorite. Swift sings, “I see the great escape, so long, Daisy May.” Minutes after the song’s release, fans took to social media speculating that Daisy May is the name of her close friends’ unborn fourth child. The pop star is know for dropping personal gems in her music. She used the names of the couple’s three other children in her 2020 album, Folklore.

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