Edge On The Clock: Costco Selling World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Think you’re a puzzle master? Costco may challenge that notion. The big-box retail store is selling what it dubs to be “the world’s largest” jigsaw puzzle. Made up of 60,000 pieces, the final product ends up being 29 feet long and eight feet tall! To make it easier to tackle, the jigsaw can be divided into 60 smaller puzzles. Costco’s giant jigsaw, featuring a map of the world, will cost you $599 including shipping and handling.

Plus, as food prices soar, it looks like more people are turning to fast food. McDonald’s says sales are up more than six percent, with consumers looking to get a better bang for their buck. While grocery prices increased 13% in the 3rd quarter, restaurant prices, including McDonald’s increased 8.5 percent. McDonald’s executives point out the company also performed well in the last economic downturn in 2008 and 2009. That’s also when the fast food giant introduced its Dollar Menu to boost sales.

And, the future of Kanye West’s private Christian school is up in the air, following his anti-Semitic remarks. TMZ is reporting an email went out to Donda Academy parents late Wednesday, saying the school was back open. That was hours after an email telling parents that the school was closing for the rest of the school year. And, Peloton is pulling West’s music catalog. The exercise company saying it has “indefinitely paused” using West’s music. West has also been dropped by Adidas, Balenciaga, talent agency CAA, and Gap JP Morgan has told him to move his money from their bank by November, and Vogue says it won’t work with him in the future. Earlier this month, West doubled down on anti-Semitic remarks, tweeting that he was going to go “death con (sic) three on Jewish people.”

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