Edge On The Clock: People On TikTok Claim To Have Evidence Of Time Travel

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A once loyal fanbase is now abandoning Kanye West. A man in Florida posted a video on social media, burning multiple pairs and thousands of dollars worth of Yeezy shoes. And, Weight Watchers tweeted, “Congrats Adidas on losing 163 pounds!!!!!”

Plus, some people on TikTok are convinced that time travel is real, after seeing a photo from a 1905 dock yard. They say a man is the proof, because of his haircut: a mohawk. Believers say Mohawks didn’t exist at the time, therefore he must be a time traveler.

And, a hi-tech hotel in Charlotte, with no human interaction. The Kasa Edison House recently opened in Dilworth. It’s all very modern, even the front desk is virtual. Contactless services include check-in, guest support and smart lock building access. The property’s smart technology can also detect sound octaves to make sure people are obeying the quiet hours.

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