Accused Multi-State Killer Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson Plead Guilty

UPDATE: Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson plead guilty during a court hearing on Wednesday. The pair plead guilty to all charges and will serve life in prison without parole. They will not receive the death penalty in Tennessee and Missouri where charges are still pending.

CHESTER CO., S.C. — The man accused of shooting five people in a multi-state killing spree is expected to accept a plea deal Wednesday during a hearing at the Chester County Courthouse.

Police say Tyler Terry killed two people in South Carolina, two others in Missouri and one in Memphis, Tennessee. He led police on a week-long manhunt before being arrested in May of 2021.

Terry is charged with multiple counts of first degree murder, attempted murder and one count of possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

He was denied bond on all charges.

Police say his accomplice, Adrienne Simpson, is also facing multiple charges including first-degree murder. She is expected to accept a plea deal also.