Dad Life: Preparing For Your First Born Child

The Expectations And Responsibility Of Becoming A Parent

I spoke with NY Times bestselling author Armin Brott on the expectations and responsibility of becoming a parent. Excitement, confusion, and just being terrified are feelings I have at the moment as my wife and I are expecting our first born. Brott, author of The Expectant Father told me those feelings are all normal. “What about my career? Am I going to be able to continue working? Am I going to be a good Dad? There’s a lot of pressure inside on the Dad himself. It can really be a confusing and crazy time inside a guy’s head.” Brott said. 

Although I am nervous, excitement is building and Brott says communicating with your baby early on before birth is key to building a relationship with the baby before he/she is born. “Your baby will turn to look at you, it’s the most spine-tingling moment you can imagine. The baby recognizes your voice. You are already starting to communicate, it’s an incredible thing.” said Brott.

Armin Brott has sold over a million copies of “The Expectant Father”, book I enjoyed reading preparing me mentally on having a new born.