Edge On The Clock: What Liking Cats Says About You

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – If you prefer cats to dogs, that could say a lot about your personality. In a new study, psychologists found that people who gravitate towards cats for comfort are often more emotional by nature. The study suggests more emotional people may be more attuned to a cat’s subtle behaviors. The psychologists say they are conducting more research to see if cats could be as effective as dogs in service and comfort roles.


Airbnb says it will work on making its pricing easier to understand. Company officials say they plan to unveil an option next month that displays the entire cost of properties prior to taxes. That includes fees for cleaning and service. Some Airbnb customers have complained about not seeing the total cost until the booking process was nearly complete. Some say, hidden cleaning and service costs added hundreds of dollars to their final bill.


Plus, Delta is asking its business class passengers to consider skipping meals to save the environment. The airline added a “skip” option to its flight meal requests form to “help reduce food waste.” It even displays this option on Delta One flights, where business class passengers pay around $8,000 for their long-haul domestic flights. This tracks with the airline’s environmental plans. In 2020, Delta committed to becoming the first carbon-neutral airline over the next 10 years.

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