Edge On The Clock: Wendy’s Is Adding A New Flavor Frosty

Peppermint's arrival means the vanilla flavor will be gone for a short time

Wendy’s is adding a new holiday frosty to its menu for a limited time. Starting Tuesday, a peppermint flavored frosty will be available for order. Peppermint is only Wendy’s third frosty flavor in the past 16 years. It replaces the strawberry flavor introduced in the summer. Peppermint’s arrival also means the vanilla flavor won’t be coming back for the remainder of the year.

Plus, The National Toy Hall of Fame has some new members. A Spinning Top, Lite-Brite, and Masters of the Universe Action Figures were inducted into the Hall of Fame today. They beat out nine other finalists — including Bingo and Nerf. A Strong Museum spokesman said the inductees have stood the test of time and influenced culture. Other finalists included Catan, the Piñata, Phase 10, and the Spirograph.

And, a rare t-rex skull is going up for auction next month, and it could become one of the most valuable fossils ever. Sotheby’s expects it to fetch a whopping 20 million dollars. The skull, named maximus, is one of the most complete of its kind ever found. It’s a little under 7 feet tall and weighs 2 hundred pounds. Maximus was found in south dakota and goes on auction next month.

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