New TikTok Video Reignites Reclined Seats On Airplanes Argument


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A new TikTok video has re-ignited the airplane reclining-seat debate. In the video, you can see one man’s reclined airplane seat angling over the tray behind him during mealtime on a five hour flight. The video, posted by The Pointer Brothers, has been viewed more than 4.7 million times. People in the comments are divided on whether passengers should or shouldn’t recline. One user wrote, “People who recline their seats in economy are the bane of my existence.” Another questioned, “Why is the passenger at fault for using a feature the airline created??” Seat reclining isn’t the only thing that irks plane passengers.

The account Passenger Shaming posts people’s disgusting plane habits, like one woman cutting her toenails mid flight, a person just airing out their bare feet, a man lighting up a cigarette, and a woman, admitting over text, “We have COVID, shhhh! We are on the plane now.”

Our question of the night: What travel behaviors do you find unacceptable?

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