10 Places To Order Takeout Thanksgiving Dinner

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tis the season to be thankful…Thankful that we can skip the hard part of Thanksgiving. To some, cooking in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning is special, to others, it’s a hassle. If you’ve ever needed a reason to ditch the kitchen and order a takeout Thanksgiving meal you’re in luck.

Statistics show that the average cost of a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal has increased by 10% compared to a 6% increase in take-out Thanksgiving meals. Some may argue that Thanksgiving traditions are worth the money, but for those that disagree take a look at the 10 best places to order take-out dinner this holiday.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Whole Foods offers a catered menu fit for all types of eaters. Dinner options include everything from the traditional roasted turkey to a modern Thanksgiving twist of succulent prime rib. Vegan and vegetarian options are available as well. Choose between several food packages for the right meal for you and your family. Orders must be made by 11/22/22. Click here to reserve your meal!



Popeyes Cajun Style Turkey 1570807441

If you have a palate for cajun there’s no better option than heading to Popeyes for their signature Cajun-style turkey. Hurry! Demand is high and they’ve sold out online, however, customers are welcomed and encouraged to head to the nearest Popeyes for dinner.

Click here to find a nearby location.


Bob Evans

Bob Evans

Enjoy the ease of a ‘heat and serve’ meal at Bob Evans. Thanksgiving dinners are packed cold and simple to heat for a fresh Thanksgiving dinner.




At the dinner table, Publix strives to bring different cultures together and share the traditions that set us apart. Head to Publix for a fully cooked pre-packaged meal. Click here to order!


The Honey Baked Ham Co. 

Honeybaked Ham

The Honey Baked Ham Company offers dozens of holiday combinations like roasted turkey or turkey breast with several side options. Families can also enjoy holiday breakfast with their signature ham, honey-glazed bacon, and coffee cake! Click here to explore their holiday menu!


Boston Market 

Boston Market Thanksgivng

Boston Market is ready when you are! Families can enjoy their meal hot and ready or pick it up chilled so you can serve dinner when the time is right for you. Delivery and pick-up options are available. Click here to view the menu. 


Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel

Enjoy your Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel! Their Thanksgiving meals are ready in as little as two hours. Choose between pre-packaged dinners or build your own at crackerbarrel.com


Harry and David

Henry And David

For gourmet lovers, Harry and David offers intricate Thanksgiving dinners with an interesting twist. Keep it simple with roasted turkey and traditional sides, or switch it up with turkey wellington, lobster pot pie, and apple-glazed stuffed pork loin!

Check out their extravagant menu here.


Williams Sonoma


Williams Sanoma puts an elegant twist on traditional Thanksgiving meals. Families can enjoy foccacia stuffing bread, pecan pumpkin butter, and tender cranberry sausage stuffed turkey breast! Head to William and Sonama to order a fancy pre-made Thanksgiving meal.