Clock Is Ticking For Twitter Employees To Decide If They Will Do “Extremely Hardcore” Work

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Twitter employees have a difficult decision to make. Wednesday morning, in an internal email, Elon Musk said employees have until 5 PM on Thursday to commit to “extremely hardcore” work, or leave the company. The Washington Post was the first to report this news. The subject line of the email reads “A Fork in the Road.” Musk goes on to say, “Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade,” and explains how Twitter will be “much more engineering-driven.”

The email directs employees to click “yes” if they want to continue working there, anyone who does not respond will be let go and given three months severance pay. Musk ended his memo with, “Thank you for your efforts to make Twitter successful.”

Our question of the night: If you worked for Twitter, would you stay or go?

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