Edge On The Clock: Why Wimbledon Will Now Let Women Wear More Than White

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – America’s two biggest warehouse clubs have declared a wiener war. Sam’s Club is firing back after Costco announced it would keep its famous hotdog and soda combo at a $1.50, forever. The Walmart-owned warehouse club announced it has lowered the price of its hotdog and soda combo to $1.38. It’s not clear yet how Costco will respond.

Plus, a new study is looking at the relationship between cannabis and alcohol. It found that legalized use of marijuana is linked to a very slight increase in drinking alcohol, primarily among young adults and men. That study was published Friday in the JAMA Health Forum. The good news is that researchers say that cannabis legalization has been associated with decreases in opioid prescriptions, temporary reductions in opioid-related emergency room visits, and does not appear to increase the use of other substances.

And, Wimbledon is relaxing its all-white clothing rule for female players. The prestigious tennis tournament says from now on, they will allow women to wear dark-colored undershorts if they want to. The decision comes after the tournament faced growing pressure about the stress and anxieties of players who are menstruating. The all-white dress code was initially implemented to camouflage sweat stains.

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