Edge On The Clock: New Dating Data Shows #1 Trait Singles Look For

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A medieval wedding ring could fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction this month. A British man recently found a near-perfect gold ring from the 14th century in a field using his metal detector. Historians think it was given to a wealthy bride by her husband in 1388. It bears a French inscription which translates to “I hold your faith, hold mine.” Experts think it could fetch $47,000 when it is auctioned on November 29th.

Plus, sometimes it pays to hang on to your ex’s things. 42 notes a teenage Bob Dylan wrote decades ago to his then-girlfriend just sold for nearly $670,000. RR Auction says Dylan wrote about his future aspirations of stardom as well as expressing feelings for his girlfriend. At the time of the letters Dylan had yet to change his last name from Zimmerman. Barbara Ann Hewitt met Dylan in high school and held on to the letters until she died in 2020.

And, dating is tough and apparently more expensive than ever. The website SinglesInAmerica.com put out a report this week that says daters are spending about 40 percent more trying to woo a mate compared to a decade ago. That breaks down to an extra $130 every month. The report also shows criteria of those looking for partners are changing. Similar spending habits, being frugal, and financial stability are all becoming top tier needs.

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