Bojangles’ Employee Gives Customers Joyful Experience

SALISBURY, N.C.–  Good help is hard to find and so is good customer service. But, if you walk into one Bojangles’ restaurant in Salisbury, you’ll quickly find out that’s not the case. Deborah Watts has been working for Bojangles’ for 24 years. It’s a job she says she loves. And the customers she serves love her. Snookie Hiatt is a regular and says, “I miss her when she’s not here and everyone else does too.” Watts finds joy in making other people feel good. That’s why she makes it a point to always give service with a smile. Watts admits that things in the fast-food get pretty hectic, but she she’s able to put her frustration aside to make sure her customers are being taken care of. She knows the time will come when she has to leave her job, but she’s not looking forward to that day anytime soon.