Local Artist Aims To Inspire Through His Murals In Charlotte

Nick Napoletano's latest mural located at Trinity Episcopal Center For The Community And The Arts

Charlotte, NC-

As Charlotte continues to grow, so does the local art scene. The city, filled with murals by local artist capturing the city’s beauty inspiring others along the way. Local artist Nick Napoletano finished his latest mural at the Trinity Episcopal School’s center for the community and the arts building in Uptown. “The Pieces are more or less about driving positive change in every community I am working in. They wanted to find an artist suited and contextual to the city, so I feel really privileged here and the school has been amazing.” says Napoletano.

Napoletano has been living in the Queen City for 7 years now and says the city being open to large mural artwork on the side of buildings around town is great for the community. “For me it was really exciting because Charlotte was an incubator for a lot of creative change when I came here, there wasn’t a lot of muralist doing much large scale work. Instead of putting graffiti or other things that were less suited for Charlotte, it was cool to see how we could find a middle ground and weave aesthetics of the city into being.”

The artist travels across the US and globe working on murals. For him, it’s about creating inspiration to communities near and far. Creating visual context driving viewers to inspire, whatever that may be. The artist says “Most of it is trying to drive positive change in some shape or form that kind of moves into both how we can do that in the physical world, and how we can do that in the conscious level.”