Rock Hill Christmas Parade kicks off Friday night

ROCK HILL, S.C —  Inside the Showtime Theater Company warehouse Robert Read is making magic.

” That’s one of the things I love not just about the float but about theater in general. Starting from scratch and coming up with ideas. The whole creative process,” Co – owner of Showtime Theatre Academy Robert Read said. 

He’s putting pieces together to create a float for the Rock Hill Christmas parade. 

” I’ve got some lighting and I’ve got some structural truss that I can put up and put all that together and make what we think is going to be a pretty cool looking float this year,” Read said. 

It’s a labor of love — with an even greater reward.

“The ultimate reward is seeing smiles on faces and affecting other people with something you did or created,” Read said. 

The Showtime Theater Academy float is just one of nearly 100 floats in the Rock Hill Christmas parade this year… including our WCCB  float.

“We could have as many as 30,000 people at the parade,” parade organizer Patti Pannetti said.

Patti Pannetti said  Rock Hill has hosted the parade for as long as she can remember.

” It’s like a gigantic Christmas block party,” Pannetti said. 

Each year it brings in the spirit of Christmas.

“It’s in early December and its a good way to kick off the Christmas time and to have that spirit of Christmas.” 

 It also brings the community together — Read said  that’s what makes being a part of the parade so special for him.

“Its  more community oriented and everybody helps everybody. So being apart of that and being a part of a community with people volunteering left and right makes it more rewarding and makes it more fun to do projects like this,” Read said.