Christmas Tree Season Heating Up

Some know exactly what they're looking for. Others... well, not so much.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — December is here, and that means Christmas trees are going up around the Carolinas. But before you cover your turpentine-scented timber with tinsel, here’s what our friends at Pike Nurseries in Charlotte say you should look for.

“Basically, you just want nice, beautiful green and healthy needles,” says Jordan Seals, a regional manager with Pike. “You want to make sure that those branches are nice and flexible. You want to make sure the tree is nice and full all the way around, inspect it completely, uniform.”

The world-famous Fraser Fir will remain king this year, but some of its cousins are coming up the rear.

“The Noble is another, more like a bluish-green, it’s got strong, sturdy branches, so it’s good for your heavier ornaments and things like that,” added Jordan. “And if you have allergies, then the Nordman is your option. Now, that one doesn’t have a fragrance, it’s good for the hypoallergenic community.”

Those choices were also on full display at Simpson’s Produce in Midtown.

One thing you may notice more of this year are the flocked trees. That is, they cover these live, 100% real trees in a white non-toxic solution. It looks like snow, but it also traps in the moisture that, a, makes the tree last longer and lowers the fire risk. It’s a perfect choice to bring home for you and your family.

Some know exactly what they’re looking for. Others… well, not so much.

But everyone can agree the best experiences are ones shared with family.

“It’s the greatest feeling you could ever hope for. This is what we thought about when we were kids and now having the opportunity to pass it on to our kids. Every tradition we make is now a new tradition, we’re making our own family traditions, that’s all we can ask for.”