Edge On The Clock: Amy Robach & TJ Holmes Back On GMA Together 1 Day After Affair Allegations Surface

CHARLOTTE, N.C – Amy Robach and TJ Holmes appeared on Good Morning America together Thursday morning, one day after their rumored affair was made public. It was business as usual, as the co-hosts made no mention of their alleged relationship on air. Page Six is reporting the romance began in March, around the time they were training together for the New York City Half Marathon. The pair reportedly left their spouses in August. Both journalists have since deactivated their social media accounts.

Plus, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are opening themselves up for your viewing pleasure. Netflix has released the first official trailer for the upcoming Harry and Meghan docuseries. In the trailer, the couple is asked why they wanted to live at least part of their lives in front of the camera, with Harry responding that he is doing so to “protect my family.” Netflix is calling this an unprecedented and in-depth series that includes Harry and Meghan’s relationship from the start, and their decision to leave their full-time roles in the British government. So far, no word on when the series will be available for streaming.

And, for the third year in a row, Bad Bunny was Spotify’s most-streamed artist worldwide. Spotify Wrapped is a yearly roundup of artists and songs users spent the year listening to. The Puerto Rican singer’s tracks generated more than 18.5 billion streams so far this year. Others included in the worldwide top five are: Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and KPOP icons BTS. Here in the U.S., Drake was the most streamed artist. Kanye West who has been widely critiqued for anti-semitic comments also made the top five.

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