Edge On The Clock: Cops Hand Out $100 During Traffic Stops

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Imagine everyone seeing your account balance when you use an ATM. A Brooklyn art group called MSCHF made an ATM that does just that, and it’s on display at Art Basel in Miami. The ATM lists the highest balances on a leader-board. The group says the highest balance it recorded was $9.5M. The machine sold for $75,000 to a local collector in south Florida who plans to make it available to the public.

Plus, ever dreamed of conducting an orchestra? Neither had Tim Schulteis, until he won a raffle to conduct the New York-based Chelsea Symphony for one night. Tim is a teacher, not a conductor, but he capitalized on his moment to make the audience laugh. He wore a kilt, and conducted with such energy that videos of the performance have gone viral on TikTok, racking up millions of views.

And, it’s the season of giving, and police officers in Lake Placid, New York are giving back to the community. Instead of handing out tickets at traffic stops this week, officers handed out $100 bills. The tradition started in 2020 after an anonymous donor left money at the police department. It started a movement during the holiday season, and the same donor has been giving money each year since. This year, more people pitched in to donate $4,000 for police to distribute.

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