Common Market Celebrates 20 Years Of Success

Popular Neighborhood Hangout Spot Celebrates 20th Anniversary In Original Plaza Midwood Location.

CHARLOTTE, N. C. — The Common Market in Plaza Midwood celebrates 20 years of business.

Long time customers call The Common Market “the heartbeat” of the neighborhood and “the pulse of Plaza Midwood. After spending time there, it is easy to see why.

“It’s like common ground for every walk of life in Plaza Midwood. From bankers to little biker kids to whatever, you know, everybody’s welcome.” Popular Charlotte DJ, who goes by That Guy Smitty would know. He says that he’s been coming to The Common Market since the very beginning.

“Day one. First day. Opening.”

And, there have been a lot of days since.

“We have survived in Plaza Midwood for 20 years today.” Owner Blake Barnes knows exactly how many days his business has been up and running. “7,603 days. We’ve been open every single day. Every day!”

And yes, that includes every day during the recession and through COVID.

Barnes started The Common Market back in 2002 with an uncommon idea. “They thought it was A – crazy to open up in Plaza Midwood because 20 years ago it wasn’t like it is now. Then they thought it was crazy because I put a DJ and bands in here, in a convenience store. Then they thought it was even crazier when I put a bar in a convenience store, but guess what? Everybody’s doing it now,” Barnes laughs. “So we’re like a deli that meets a coffee house, that meets a bar, bottle shop, wine shop that sells crazy toys. Does that make since?”

It makes since to a lot of people, including long time customer James Jeffries, who grew up in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. “I’ve met the majority of my friends here. It’s an awesome place,” Jeffries says.  “You can sit down with anybody. Tables are completely open.”

Open for anything and everyone, for 20 strong years and counting.

Barnes has received countless awards and recognition in the last two decades. “I’m most proud of, it is year 20, still chosen by the readers, best place to just people watch,”  the proud owner smiles.

“Because that means I’m doing something right. Everybody’s welcomed here.”