Prosecution Rests On Day 3 Of CMPD Officer Phillip Barker Trial, Closing Arguments Scheduled For Tuesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Closing arguments are expected Tuesday morning in the trial of CMPD Officer Phillip Barker. He’s accused of killing a CPCC student, James Short, in 2017 while responding to a call.

Day 3 of the trial ended fairly quickly on Monday. Only hours in, the prosecution and defense rested its cases.  Much sooner than many expected.

“In the call of the jury selection, our projected estimates on how long this trial is going to last is panning out to be slightly different from the reality and the prediction from your perspective, it’s moving faster,” said Judge Robert Ervin to the jury.

In a case dating back five years, only five witnesses were called to the stand. All by the prosecution.

Barker’s defense team didn’t call a single witness, including Barker. Despite a promise last week by his lawyer to put him on the stand.

“You’re going to hear from Phil right here with his hand on God‘s word to tell you chapter and verse about what happened,” said Barker’s defense attorney George Laughrun.