Edge On The Clock: Dictonary.com Reveals Word Of The Year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Dictionary.com says its 2022 word of the year is “woman.” The website officially defines woman as “an adult female person.” It says searches for the word “woman” spiked several times this year, including in March when then-judge, now Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson was questioned about the definition of “woman” during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Plus, a little girl in California is searching for a real-life unicorn to bring home, after she got official approval to have one in her backyard. Six-year-old Madeline wrote a letter to Los Angeles county, asking permission to keep a unicorn in her backyard, in case she ever finds one. The county immediately sent an official unicorn license, applauding Madeline’s responsible pet ownership. The county also sent her a stuffed unicorn while she continues her search for a real one.

And, three U.S. lawmakers are not fans of TikTok. Senator Marco Rubio introduced a bill in the senate this week that would ban TikTok from operating in the U.S. Two congressmen have also introduced companion legislation before the house. The lawmakers are concerned about the short-form video app’s parent company, Bytedance, and its affiliation with China. Some doubt the company’s ability to safeguard Americans’ data from the Chinese government. TikTok has not commented on the proposed legislation.

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