Union Co. School Board Votes To Start 2023 School Year Aug. 9

MONROE, N.C. – The Union County School Board is going rogue and not following state law when it comes to the school calendar. The board voted unanimously Tuesday morning to change the start of the school year, starting this coming year. Union County will now start school on August 9th. The board and the superintendent says the move helps with academic progress and is widely accepted by school staff and employees. Local business owners are not as widely accepting.

Dominique Morrison runs Honeysuckle Riding Academy in Monroe. She says she will lose about $30,000 this year due to the lost time in August. She says, “This isn’t just about kids going to camp. This is what feeds my horses, what feeds my cattle over the winter time, and what feeds my family. As a small business, I basically feel like we had no say in it.”

Morrison says the decision was made without enough notice and that she plans to keep fighting this.

School board member Sandra Greene says she knows the transition will be tough but “might as well rip the Band-Aid off now.” State law requires that students start school no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26. Next year, that would be August 28.