Americans Share Traveling Tips For People Visiting The U.S.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – What would you tell people visiting your area for the first time? Americans are sharing the things they think you should never do in the U.S. The Reddit thread has gone viral, and travelers are apparently finding the advice helpful, especially if it’s their first time visiting. One user offered, “Never cut in line. I’ve been in countries where lines/queues are more of a vague suggestion of who goes first — this is not true if you cut in line in the U.S.” Another said, “Don’t ask for tea and not specify if you want hot or iced, and if you want iced, specify if you want sweet or unsweet.” And another piece of advice, “The average American does not usually enjoy talking politics in their frequented public spaces.”

Our question of the night: What’s your best advice to someone visiting your area for the first time?

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