Airline Accidentally Flies Family Dog To Saudi Arabia Instead Of Nashville

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A family moving to the U.S. from London said their dog was accidentally flown to Saudi Arabia instead of Tennessee. The Miller family was given the wrong dog when they arrived at Nashville International Airport. The airline, British Airways, said their dog Bluebell wasn’t in Nashville, and their best guess was she was in Saudi Arabia. Airport staff tracked Bluebell down, confirmed to be in Saudi Arabia. Three days, and three flights later, Bluebell was back in Nashville with her family, but they say she’s clearly traumatized. It’s still unclear what exactly happened that got the dog sent to Saudi Arabia.

Plus, we’re getting a first look at the banknotes featuring Britain’s King Charles the Third. They were unveiled by the Bank of England on Tuesday. The portrait will appear on the five, 10, 20 and 50 pound notes. The rest of the design will remain the same as the current notes featuring the late Queen Elizabeth the Second on the front. The new banknotes are expected to enter circulation by mid-2024, but notes featuring the Queen’s portrait will remain legal payment.

And, a horse in Wisconsin is safe and recovering after it fell into a frozen lake. The horse escaped his home on Saturday when a tree fell and broke the fence. He ended up in a lake, in negative temps with more snow falling. Neighbors saw him bobbing and struggling, and called their friends to come help. The ice was only four inches thick, so rescuers had to be careful as they tried to pull the 1,200 pound horse out. They used a rig of rope and nylon straps to get him out of the water, then drag him across 150 yards of ice to safety.

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