Last Minute Tips On Protecting Your Pipes From Bursting

Exterior pipes and outdoor spigots pose the biggest threat when it comes to pipes bursting

The coldest temperatures in nearly 5 years will spill across our area tomorrow. This deep freeze will put pressure on your pipes. When water freezes, it expands which could cause pipes to burst, which could lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

It is really the exterior pipes and outdoor spigots that pose the biggest threat. Chad Cockerill, the owner of American Plumbing Services says, “there are three big things to help protect your home. One, closing crawl space vents. Two, put styrofoam covers over your spigots. Three, leaving your faucets dripping.”

If you cannot run to the store to get styrofoam covers, you can also use a towel to wrap around your exterior faucets. Opening up cabinet doors is also a good idea. This will allow the warm air inside your home to circulate around the pipes. Lastly, if you have a sprinkler system, turn it off.