Dad Life: Parents Remain Cautious Of Holiday Season With Family Thanks To Spike In RSV

RSV Cases Soaring Is Problematic For Holiday Season

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — RSV hit record numbers in 2022 resulting in parents across the country remaining vigilant in social settings during the holiday season. Dr. Amra Zuzo of Novant Health Pediatrics Berewick says it’s alarming. “For me, I have never seen a year like this before. Talking to my colleagues, none of us can really remember the last time RSV was this prominent and this severe.”

For one parent, RSV led to more serious and life-threatening complications. “The RSV became bronchitis, and the problem was the bronchitis had weakened his lungs enough where pneumonia set in. It was the worst week of our life. Seeing it happen to a 7 month old, it’s terrifying.” said father of three, Brian Bergeron.

For parents, the holiday season is filled with joy but also can be somewhat stressful. Some family members may be offended if you ask them to wash their hands or mask up before coming near your children. “Some people get offended by it almost like why won’t you let me hold your baby? You don’t trust me? I told my wife if you don’t want to hurt their feelings, I will.” says father of two, Tommy Spence. “This is our baby, our child, he relies on us for everything.”