Toll Rates To Increase For Monroe Expressway

MONROE, N.C. — Starting next week, drivers will have to start paying more to take the Monroe Expressway.

The toll rates are going up beginning January 1.

It’s an annual increase that has been on the schedule with the North Carolina Turnpike Authority Board since the toll road was built.

The rate for NC Quick Pass customers driving cars or other two-axle vehicles to travel the full 19.8 miles on the expressway will go up five cents, to $2.77. That’s an increase of 1.84-percent.

Fees are higher for bigger vehicles and drivers without a Quick Pass.

Toll revenue is used to pay off bonds sold to fund the construction of the projects, as well as fund the overall road maintenance including repairs, mowing and winter weather preparation and response.

For the full list of rates for different routes along the Monroe Expressway for all vehicles, click here.