Travelers Continue to Deal with Cancellations and Lost Luggage at Charlotte Douglas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While unclaimed bags continue to pile up in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, long lines are forming at baggage claim offices as dozens of travelers try to find their missing bags. 

” They told me they were going to see if they could bring it to where I was staying, but they never called me and I checked emails and everything. Now I have returned to see if I can get it,” Innocen Justice said. 

Innocen Justice said  his large suitcase has been missing since Christmas Day. 

” It’s stressful, very stressful because  when you plan to go on vacation most of the clothes were  in the big suitcase,” Justice said. 

He said the airline has no update on when his suitcase filled with Christmas gifts and clothing will be found. 

” I had some gifts that I was going to give to my friends. I  also had my clothes. I mean most of everything was in my big suitcase,” Justice said. 

Travelers like Shane Spencer said he’s been more lucky than others. 

He was reunited with his luggage Wednesday. 

” My story is not really a horror story compared to most of the people in line,” Spencer said. 

However, he understands the struggle many are still facing. 

” We had a short connection last night so we figured it probably wouldn’t make it and our bags didn’t. It was in Dallas and it was crazy there. There  was like a mountain of bags,” Spencer said.