Edge On The Clock: Dry January Can Speed Up Metabolism Even After January

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Connecticut family discovered a huge black bear hibernating under their deck. They say they may not have noticed the visitor, if not for their dog, who got jumpy when she went outside. The family called animal control, who said the bear is likely a male who can just be left alone until hibernation is over. The family nicknamed him Marty, and says he’s welcome to stay as long as he behaves.

Plus, no winner means the Mega Millions Jackpot grows to $1.1 billion. No one matched all six numbers in Friday’s drawing. Back in July, two people won the $1.34 billion prize. The Illinois lottery says they came forward in September and split the prize. The next drawing is set for Tuesday.

Plus, tens of thousands of people across the country are now about nine days into “Dry January.” Researchers say there’s evidence that cutting out alcohol, even for just a month, can have benefits that last well into the year. One study found that people who stopped drinking for a month saw significantly improved metabolism. Those people also shed about four and a half pounds, had lower blood pressure and a substantial reduction in levels of insulin resistance.

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