The Heir And The Spare: Harry’s Bombshell Book Could Ruin Relationship With Royals

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re getting new information about some of the bombshells in Prince Harry’s new memoir, Spare. Here are some of the biggest reported claims:

-Harry says his brother William physically attacked him.
-He claims that the royal family has no interest in reconciling.
-Harry says he and William begged their father not to marry Camilla.
-And he says the royal family continues to plant stories about him and Meghan Markle.

Harry has been doing a number of interviews ahead of the book’s release. He sat down with ITV and highlighted his family’s reluctance to accept Meghan into the family. Harry says, “American actress, right, and that was playing out in the British press, in the media, at the time as well. So you know, the fact that I had that in the back of my mind, and some of the things that my brother and sister-in-law, some of the way that they were acting or behaving, definitely felt to me as though, unfortunately, that stereotyping was causing a bit of a barrier to them really sort of, you know, introducing or welcoming her in.”

And, Harry’s comments about the Taliban are making senior Taliban officials angry. Harry claims that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving in Afghanistan with the British military. It has sparked backlash from the military community, with some saying it could jeopardize his safety and give the British army a bad reputation.

Harry also said he did not consider the 25 individuals he killed as “people,” but rather as “chess pieces” that had been taken off the board. Some royal experts say this might be the most serious claim in the book. CNN anchor Richard Quest says, “It’s difficult to know which of the many things that Harry has now said will hurt the most in different quarters. The Taliban accusations that he killed 25 members of the Taliban, that’s probably the most objectively serious because that could lead to reprisals and revenge attacks against British forces and indeed against the Prince himself. As for the rest, it is a miscellany of accusations, titillation, salacious of family gossip and to some extent when harry says he wants reconciliation with accountability, it’s very difficult to see how that can happen.”

Our question of the night: Do you think Harry’s memoir will help heal the royal rift?

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