Digital Tip Jars Are Stressing People Out

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A new tipping trend has customers stressing out at the checkout counter. Digital tip jars have started popping up just about everywhere, from coffee shops to ice cream parlors to retail stores, where people didn’t typically tip before. It’s probably happened to you, after you finish ordering somewhere, the cashier turns the touch screen around and the tablet prompts you to leave a tip.

This shift in tipping culture has left people feeling confused about what the new expectations are. Some people always tip. Others say they feel guilty if they don’t tip, with the employee and other customers looking on. Etiquette experts who study tipping culture say some people walk away from the screen without doing anything to avoid making a decision.

The digital tip jar trend does appear to be influencing consumers to tip more. According to data from Square, tips for full service restaurants were up 25 percent in the last quarter, compared to a year ago. Tips at quick service restaurants were up 17 percent.

Our question of the night: Do you have tipping confusion?

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