8 Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – New research is out on making friends as an adult. It can be difficult, especially after years of COVID isolation. But researchers say friendships are vital to our health. Studies have found that socializing as an adult can strengthen the immune system, lower the risk of dementia, and lessen memory loss. But many people find it challenging to meet friends as an adult. A recent American Perspectives survey reports that 49 percent of Americans report having three or fewer close friends. Nearly 70 percent report only having “situational” friends, or friends they only see at work, school, or the gym.

Here are 8 ways to make friends as an adult, according to BetterUp.com:
Get in a growth mindset.
Have an open mind.
Make an effort
Be curious.
Use your network for connections
Be positive
Be vulnerable.
Reach out to personal development coach for advice.

Our question of the night: Do you think it’s hard to make friends as an adult?

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