Edge On The Clock: Tom Hanks Loves “Diet Cokagne”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tom Hanks is introducing a new cocktail. He calls it “diet cokagne.” The drink is a combination of Diet Coke and champagne. He says he discovered it after he decided to add a “shot” of champagne to his Diet Coke over the holidays, and it was delicious! Now it’s trending on TikTok. If you want to make it at home, just combine two-thirds Diet Coke with a shot of champagne.

Plus, a basketball jersey worn by NBA legend Kobe Bryant is expected to earn up to $7M at auction next month. The LA Lakers star wore the jersey more than 25 times during the 2007-2008 season. Sotheby’s says Bryant scored more than 600 points wearing it, during the only MVP season in his career. If any bidder pays the predicted amount, that would be the second-highest price ever paid for a basketball jersey.

And, first, it was disposable cameras, then it was low-rise jeans, now, Gen Z’s latest “vintage” obsession is the flip phone. People on TikTok are filming unboxing videos of the phones, then bedazzling them and taking trendy blurry photos on the low-quality cameras. Some Gen Z’ers say they’re getting flip phones to “unplug” a little easier. Others say they’re a good, cheap alternative to smart phones, and a good conversation starter.

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