Edge On The Clock: Fire Truck Party Bus In Asheville

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – What do you get when you cross a fire truck with a party bus? A new business in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s called the Hot Zone Party Fire Engine. The two owners are both firefighters who were looking for a side gig. The party truck has room for up to 14 passengers, along with custom-made benches, speakers, coolers and seatbelts. A second truck is already in the works.

Plus, up to $385,000. That’s how much Netflix is willing to pay a flight attendant to work on one of its private jets. Netflix says the right candidate should be flexible, and willing to work both domestic and international flights. The ideal candidate should also have “independent judgement, discretion and outstanding customer service skills.” Netflix says the employee’s salary will be determined by their background, experience and skills.

And, a tradition at the Iowa State Fair called “husband calling” is going viral. It’s as weird and hilarious as it sounds. The grand prize is five dollars. All five participants this year received a ribbon.

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