CMPD Cold Case Detectives Utilize Review Team To Help Solve Cases

CMPD Cold Case Division Has Over 600 Cases

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – CMPD Cold Case division has their hands full with over 600 cases dating back to the 1970’s. In order to tackle so many cases, the cold case division utilizes a review team made up of retired and former detectives, FBI, and attorney to help look for solvability factors in a cold case.

“I think there’s a myth that we just open a case and start reading it, and it’s not that way. This review team is invaluable and it allows us to take a case that might be boxes of evidence and notes and turn it into a 30-40 page review. We can read through it and start making some early decisions on solvability factors.” says CMPD Cold Case Detective Matt Hefner.

CMPD Cold Case Detective James Helms worked homicide before joining the cold case division. He says the amount of time they have in the cold case department versus homicide helps when working a case. “Active squad, they are busy. They are going constantly, case after case. The main difference is having time to go through a case. They are running murders back-to-back, making arrests, so there’s a lot of things on their plate at one time.” says Helms.

Both Hefner and Helms take solving cold cases personally, giving families closure is ultimately what they are after. Hefner says, “Just to be providing answers to those families and give them some kind of closure, seeking justice for them. I think that’s why we do it.”

“We can’t always give them the arrest or something prosecutable, but they (the families) have been living years without answers and we can just give them some more answers that helps.” says Hefner.

The CMPD cold case motto? Never Quit.