American Airlines Flight Attendants Picket For Better Pay

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Flight attendants with the biggest carrier at Charlotte-Douglas Airport continue their fight for better pay and working conditions as contract negotiations drag on.

Dozens of American Airlines flight attendants picketed at the entrance to the airport on the corner of Wilkinson Blvd and N. Josh Birmingham Pkwy in West Charlotte Tuesday.

It was all part of a nationwide day of action across all 11 American Airlines hubs.

Flight attendants say they’re being forced to work longer days with minimal rest as the airline returns to full schedule with fewer workers.

They also say the flight schedule is fragile, and a problem with one plane somewhere in the country can take hours to get the entire system back on track. They say because of this, crews are being constantly rescheduled and forced to book their own hotels and transportation.

Flight attendants also say crew members are disciplined when they get sick.

“We don’t get anything in return from that, except them saying, ‘keep showing up, keep doing your best,’ said American Airlines flight attendant Andrew Alcaraz. “But we do our best. We keep this airline afloat. And what do we get? We get nothing.”

The group says they have been without a new contract or pay raise since 2019. They say while the rest of the world has received cost of living increases, their wages have remained stagnant.

Along with wage increases, they’re fighting for rest requirements, duty day limits and improved benefits.