Police Issue Warning After Razor Blades Found Inside Gas Pump Handles At NC Gas Stations

UPDATE 1/25/23

The Department of Agriculture said an employee was the person who made the discovery of the razor blades attached to the handles.

The Forest City Police Department does not have suspect and are looking through surveillance video in the area.


FOREST CITY, NC — Police in Forest City, North Carolina are warning people pumping gas to be on alert for razor blades.  Officers say razor blades have been placed in gas pump handles at multiple locations in Forest City and surrounding areas.

Forest City is located in Rutherford County in between Charlotte and Asheville on Highway 74. It’s only a few miles from the Cleveland County line.

The Forest City Police department is working with the Department of Agriculture to investigate who’s responsible.  Officers are urging drivers to be aware of their surroundings before grabbing a gas pump handle.  Officers did not say if anyone has been injured.