South Carolina’s Economic Growth Broke Records In 2022, McMaster Says

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster delivered the State of the State address Wednesday night in Columbia.  The Governor said the Palmetto State’s economy is booming.  In 2022, Governor McMaster said the state set a record for economic growth with more then $10.2 Billion in capital investments and the promise to create 14,000 new jobs.

“Everyday employers are creating new jobs, entrepreneurs are creating new businesses and companies are deciding to locate in South Carolina,” said Governor Henry McMaster, (R) South Carolina.

Governor McMaster says the state has a record budge surplus with one of the largest rainy day funds in recent memory.  He also said revenue generated from tourism and state parks has returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Senator Ronnie Sabb, (D) Williamsburg, delivered the Democratic response.  Senator Sabb said the state’s republican leadership didn’t get to this point alone.

“Let’s be clear. Many of these investments are made possible because of the passage of the Federal Infrastructure Bill under President Joe Biden,” said Sen. Sabb.

The Senator said Democrats look forward to working with Republicans to make higher education in South Carolina more accessible, and to increase teacher pay and the state’s minimum wage.