Edge On The Clock: Get Paid To Eat Cheese Before Bed

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A New York animal shelter isn’t holding back in describing one pup. They call the Frenchie “more demon than dog.” Ralphie is one-year-old and 26 pounds. The shelter describes him as a quote “whole jerk” and “fire-breathing demon.” Jokes aside, the shelter will only place Ralphie in a home without kids, and without other pets. Shelter staff say he does have some serious issues, but is a sweet guy at heart.

Plus, dream job for cheese lovers, literally. The website Sleep Junkie is looking for five “dairy dreamers” to test the theory that eating cheese before going to sleep gives you nightmares. Here’s the job: eat cheese every night at the same time before going to sleep, and journal about how well you slept and any dreams or nightmares. Tasters should eat the same kind of cheese every night for a week, then take a week off before trying a new variety. After three months, dairy dreamers will be paid $1,000 and will even be reimbursed for the cheese.

And, a space spiral spotted in the sky. Take at the images captured by the Subaru Telescope over Hawaii. Astronomers suppose the spiral is related to a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch that happened that same morning. They say saying similar swirls and streaks have been spotted after other Falcon 9 launches.

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