Hot In Hollywood: Rickey Smiley Son’s Death, Eddie Murphy’s Netflix Movie, Dangerous Lap Dance

HOLLYWOOD, CA– In this morning’s “Hot In Hollywood”, Eddie Murphy is enjoying his latest movie’s success. The Netflix film, “You People” is at the the number one spot on the streaming network. The movie also stars Jonah Hill along with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The movie is about an interracial couple and how their families cope with modern day love and different cultures.

Prayers are still going up for comedian Rickey Smiley after the death of his son over the weekend. No cause of death has been determined in the case so far, but investigators don’t believe there was any foul play involved.

Actress Salma Hayek is remembering the time she got her first lap dance from Channing Tatum. She said it was a dangerous experience because the actor flipped her upside down while she was sitting in a chair. Hayek says she was turned around, that instead of using her hands to protect her head… she used them to hold her pants up because she couldn’t remember if she was wearing any underwear.