62-Year-Old Woman Claims Walmart Employee Attacked Her Inside Store

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 62-year-old woman claims she was attacked inside a Charlotte Walmart by an employee.

“I can’t believe this happened. Never in 1 million years. Why? I didn’t do anything to be attacked,” said Jackson who claims she was punched in the left eye.

Jackson was shopping for curtains at Walmart on East Independence Blvd in Charlotte on Friday afternoon. When she had trouble finding the item, she asked an employee for help.

“I said do you work here. She said I do but I’m busy now,” Jackson said of her interaction with the employee.

Jackson didn’t like the interaction.

“Then when she went down the aisle I told her I said I don’t think that was nice the way you talked to me. Oh well so what?” said Jackson of the employee.

Jackson has limited mobility on her left side after suffering two strokes. She was using a motorized cart at the time of the argument with the employee.

Jackson says the employee refused to give her name, so the 62-year-old pulled out her phone to take a picture of her face and that’s when she says the Walmart employee lunged. The two began tussling over the phone.

“I’m holding it with all my dear life and she’s fighting me and pulling it. I would not let that phone go. The next thing I know she hit me in the face,” said Jackson.

Jackson called police but they did not make an arrest.

A Walmart representative tells WCCB Charlotte they are looking into the matter and that “We expect everyone inside our stores to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.”