Talk, Truth,Tea: Nick Cannon Reveals Who Will Decide If He Has More Kids & Lady Gaga Sued Over Reward

HOLLYWOOD, CA–  In today’s Talk, Truth, Tea, Nick Cannon already has enough kids for an NFL team. He says it’s not up to him whether or not he will have more children. Cannon revealed that decision is left to God. Cannon already has 12 kids. They are all under the age of eleven. Two of Cannon’s children are with music icon, Mariah Carey. It was reported that Cannon pays out more than $3 million in child support each year. But, he says the figure is actually much more than that.

Lady Gaga is being sued for breach of contract. A woman involved in the kidnapping of her two dogs in 2021 is suing the singer for not paying out a $500,000 reward she offered for the return of her dogs. The reward was to be paid to anyone who returned the dogs, no questions asked. Gaga’s dog walker was shot during the kidnapping. The person who shot him is now serving more than 20 years behind bars.