Freezing Temperatures Return Next Week

Prepare to cover or bring in sensitive vegetation early next week

CHARLOTTE, NC — We are inching closer towards our first zero snow season on record. It is still possible Charlotte will see measurable snow, but that window is getting smaller.

Snow Facts:

  • One of our greatest snow storms was on March 24th, 1983 where 10.3” fell.
  • The latest snowfall ever recorded in Charlotte was April 8th, 1982. More recently, it snowed on April 2nd, 2019. Those are the only two times on record Charlotte has seen snow in April.

While we cannot promise snow, we can promise more cold air. Temperatures will flirt with freezing Tuesday morning before falling below freezing Wednesday morning. This cold will present a risk to agriculture across the southeast so be sure to protect sensitive vegetation.

Frost Freeze Forecast