Murder Of South Carolinians In Mexico Shines Spotlight On Travel Concerns Across The Border

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With Spring Break right around the corner,  some feel a trip to Cancun or other tourist destinations in Mexico may not be as safe after the kidnapping of four South Carolinians.

“Don’t do anything where you don’t feel safe. Don’t go places that aren’t vetted,” said travel expert Roni Fishkin.

Fishkin is with Mann Travels. She points out that 66-million tourists visited Mexico last year and most came back safe and sound.

“While it’s a horrible story and it’s so tragic, it doesn’t even register in terms of statistics,” explained Fishkin.

Six of the 32 states in Mexico are currently under “Do Not Travel” warnings. None of those states are in the destination locations in Mexico like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

“I would avoid anywhere that the state department has any kind of advisory for. Fortunately, those aren’t the destinations we are really selling, said Fishkin.

Fishkin says if you’re still feeling uneasy, it’s not worth the trip.

“If you were concerned, you just don’t feel good about going to Mexico. You have so many other options,” Fishkin said.