Up ‘n Adam: Camp North End

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Adam Wurtzel went to Camp North End to discover all they have to offer, including the 90s themed “Be Kind, Rewind” movie series.

First, “Up ‘n Adam” got a true 90s flashback, when he met with Camp North End’s Kadeeja Janneh to find out how “Be Kind, Rewind” came about.  Then, all great movies need snacks, but not necessarily popcorn!  Wurtzel went to one of the property’s food vendors, Babe & Butcher to design one of their award-winning charcuterie boards.

Next, we got a preview of two of Camp North End’s newest retail shops located in the Keswick Platform of the venue.

Finally, it was Rachel, Lauren and Lawrence’s chance to see how much they really know about the 90s in a live trivia battle (90s themed prizes included).

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